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Update from Emilyn HQ - Emilyn is now a part of Mymee

We have exciting news: to advance our goal to improve the lives of people with MS, Breakthrough Health, the company behind the MS app Emilyn, has become part of Mymee. Don’t worry - your data is still protected with end to end encryption and Mymee is committed to keeping

6 reasons gender equality is important for the MS community

As women are three times as likely to get MS as men, it’s no surprise that gender equality is important to our community. But, MS and women’s rights are more closely linked than you might have thought about before. Here are 6 reasons why gender equality is especially important to the MS community.

Is EBV really the cause of MS?

Big and exciting news came out early this year: a study published in ‘Science’ shows that Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) may be the leading cause of MS. Our expert Dr. Adrian-Minh Schumacher answers six important questions that you might have.

Accommodating Pain

Emilyn community writer Sophia shared her journey with pain since she was diagnosed in 2020. "The most difficult and best advice I have received so far has been to be kind to myself."

World MS Day 2021: Advice from the MS community 🧡

Today it’s World MS Day. A day to join together, raise awareness and support each other. The MS community is one that nobody wanted to be a part of, but connecting with it can be a lifeline. Our community helps answer those questions you can’t ask anyone else