Female focused multiple sclerosis advice

MS support and inspiration for International Women's Day ♀️ 💜

MS affects 2 - 3 times more women than men. As with the overall cause of MS, it’s not known yet exactly why. Studies have examined links to hormones, specific proteins and lifestyle factors.

Pregnancy and MS

The decision to start a family is a big one, regardless of whether you’ve got MS. The MS Trust answers all of your questions about it on their website.

If you’re interested in following someone with MS’s pregnancy journey, follow Rania Melham on Instagram. She’s an MS Australia ambassador who’s expecting her first baby.

Being a mum with MS

Being a mum is hard! Being a mum with MS which can mean fatigue, pain and everything else can feel unmanageable at times. You’re not alone though. There are lots of places to get advice online.

You might like: 12 Parenting Hacks for the Mom with MS from Healthline.

Need another mom to talk to? Moms with multiple sclerosis or Moms with MS on Facebook can help with your everyday questions.

Subscribe to these two brilliant MS bloggers who write about parenting:

Your menstrual cycle and MS

Some women report a worsening in MS symptoms in the few days before their period.

It gives PMS a whole new meaning right?

It can be worthwhile tracking your period in Emilyn. to see if it’s affecting you. If you need to, speak to your neurologist or gynaecologist about it.

Sex, intimacy and MS

MS can negatively impact your sex life for lots of reasons. The MSIF have explained the three categories of causes in this video.

For an open and refreshingly honest look at sex and MS then you have to listen to the incredible Myelin and Melanin’s intimacy podcast series.

If you’re looking to increase intimacy or rediscover sexual pleasure you might like to try ‘Body Mapping’ a 15 minute exercise suggested by the MS Trust.

Awesome women in neurology

Meet the incredible women advocating for people with MS and driving research forward.

🔬 International Women in MS on Twitter. Follow them for updates from the women leading the way in advancing scientific discoveries and improving care in MS.

‍👩‍⚕️ Dr Mitzi Joi Williams aka @TheNerdyNeuro. Follow her for MS discussions about  everything from symptoms to racial disparity.

💪 Trishna Bharadia is an MS patient advocate who makes sure women’s voices are heard in all areas of MS.

🧠 Rachel Horne is a neurology journalist who is living with MS. She contributes to the Bart’s MS Blog.

We're going to be continuing to look at topics like pregnancy and family life with MS.

Keep checking back to join in with our upcoming sessions!


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