How to get the most out of Emilyn

1. Complete your health profile

Keep all of your health information in one place by adding information about your diagnosis and medications to your health profile.

2. Check in once per week

By checking in weekly you’ll start to build up a picture of your MS signs and symptoms over time. If you miss a week you can always go back and add some notes.

3. Make notes after your check-in

Your symptom logging will tell you what’s happened but it might not tell you why. By leaving more detailed notes about things like your diet and mental health you can get a deeper understanding of your triggers.

4. Review your charts once a month

You’ve put the effort in to record your symptoms each week so take the time to review them. Spend a few minutes looking at what’s changed and thinking about why. After that you can think about if there’s anything you need to do, for example speaking to a doctor.

5. Connect your step count and weather

Temperature and activity levels are both known to affect MS. Being able to see these on your charts will show you how they affect you personally.

6. Add medication reminders

Get a little reminder to take your medication whenever you need it. You’re able to add multiple reminders for anything you take for example vitamin D or baclofen as well as DMTs.

7. Enable check in reminders

Keep on top of your tracking by getting a reminder to do it. If you only want to log your mood you can do that without even opening the app.

8. Upload your medical notes

You’re able to securely store your records, scans and test results to keep everything in one place. It’s easy to do, either using your camera or uploading from your computer.

9. Set an appointment reminder

By setting an appointment reminders you’ll get reminded not only about the appointment but to prepare for it as well. By spending some time preparing for it you’ll make the most of your time with your health team. Think about questions you want to ask and symptoms you want to talk about.

10. Use voice to text

Some days even typing can be too much. Emilyn has a voice to text function for your detailed notes so you don’t have to hold your phone or look at a screen.

This article provides general information and discussions about health and related subjects. The information and other content provided in this blog, website or in any linked materials are not intended and should not be considered or used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.