MS management with Emilyn: the complete guide

So you've installed Emilyn. But what is it and what does it do?

Here you’re going to find out everything you need to know about why your MS management will be easier with Emilyn.

The main features that you will care about are:

  1. Symptom tracking
  2. 5 steps to track your symptoms
  3. Customisable reminders
  4. Your weekly report
  5. Appointment preparation
  6. Medical record storage

What is Emilyn?

It’s an app that’s designed to make life with MS easier.

We interviewed over 1,500 people with MS and they told us...

"I want to be able to give my doctor an accurate picture of what’s changed between my appointments"
"I want to be able to understand my symptoms, see patterns and control them better"

So we went away and in 2019 Emilyn - MS Companion was launched on iOS and Android.

Today there are over 50,000 people managing their MS using Emilyn.

1. Symptom tracking

Put the MS power in your hands: see and control your symptoms

Who doesn’t want to be in charge?

MS isn’t a linear journey. It’s up, down and around the corner. What’s working fine one day might be broken the next and what you were worrying about last week is now a distant memory.

Now, imagine you're trying to explain the last 6 months to your neurologist but you’ve got your symptoms in a neat chart. Brought to life with some descriptive notes.

There’s also your daily step count and the temperature in there too.

You and your professional can see at a glance how you’ve been. No vague answers, no forgotten details.

We know it’s standard advice from MS doctors and nurses to try and keep a symptom diary. We’re not pretending we came up with that idea but what we have done is made it easier.

5 steps to track your symptoms

It only takes a couple of minutes to keep track with Emilyn

5 steps to track your symptoms

  1. Receive reminder to check-in and log how you’re feeling each day
  2. Rate your mood from 1 to 5
  3. Select your symptoms from a pre-populated list or add your own
  4. Rate the severity of your symptom and log its location
  5. Option to leave more detailed journal entry

By regularly recording how you're feeling you'll be able to give your MS team a comprehensive answer when they ask you

"So how are you?"

If you're interested in symptom logging then you should read 'Symptom logging 101' to learn how to do it and what the benefits are.

You can also use Emilyn as a journal. If you’re interested more generally in MS journaling and its benefits you can read more about it here.

Customisable reminders

Give your brain a break and use Emilyn’s custom reminders for your daily MS management.

There are three reminders in Emilyn to help you:

1. Medication reminders

You can use these for anything it could be your DMT or other medicines you take such as vitamin D or fatigue medication.

2. Check-in reminders

Make the perfect symptom chart a reality. Choose the time of day you want to be reminded and you’ll be one step closer

3. Appointment reminders

Put your upcoming appointments into Emilyn and get reminders in advance so you can start preparing your data to share with your neurologist. If you want to know more about appointment preparation you can we've written a whole guide on it.

All of these notifications come through on your phone and can be changed by you at any time.

Your weekly report

Each week you get a symptom report. This is the really useful part, where you can see all of your symptoms in a neat graph.

Here you can see your step count and the temperature too. This can help you spot patterns in how your activity levels and the weather have affected you.

These reports are downloadable so if you prefer something on paper you can print it out.

Appointment Preparation

Now you've got all your symptom data and you've been reminded about your appointment, it's time to get ready for it.

Your time with your medical team is precious so you want to make sure you make the most of it and don't leave anything out.

There is a section within your appointment reminder for you to make notes. You are also able to download all of your symptom charts and notes.

You can use your appointment notes section to write down things like:

  • Questions that you want to ask
  • Things you have noticed from your symptom data for example increasing numbness in left arm since March
  • Comments about your treatment, side effects or administration

You can also download your reports to take with you and show your health team.

For more about preparing for appointments check out Everything you need to know about preparing for MS appointments.

Medical record storage

Ok it sounds a bit boring but it's a really handy feature. Promise.

Owning your own medical records is important. It's not exciting but is important. To learns more about the benefits of owning your healthcare data you can read our guide to why it's essential for your health.

In Emilyn you can securely store any health information you like. They can be quickly uploaded in two ways:

  1. Upload from your computer
  2. Use your phone's camera to scan the documents.

The sort of information it's useful to store is:

  • Test results
  • What medication you're taking
  • Allergies
  • Your medical history

You can store information which may have been spread across multiple doctors and healthcare practices. It also means that you've got a quick reference guide if you're having problems remembering something.

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