Quick facts about multiple sclerosis

  1. People are most commonly diagnosed with MS in their 20s and 30s
  2. MS is twice as common in women as in men
  3. Around 2.8m people have MS worldwide
  4. There are around 30,000 under 18s who have MS worldwide
  5. MS is not an inherited disease although there is an increased risk if someone else has MS in your family
  6. MS is not infectious or contagious - you can’t pass it on to anyone else
  7. Experts don't think there is a single cause of MS, but that it’s a combination of genetic and environmental factors
  8. There are four different types of MS
  9. MS affects everyone differently, no two people will experience MS in the same way
  10. There are over a dozen different types of treatments to slow MS disease progression. The number of treatments will vary depending on where you live and is growing as new drugs are developed and approved.


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